American Pharoah one win from Triple Crown after Preakness win

Okay… I don’t believe in coincidence, but I don’t know what the message is here…


American PHaroah?

Triple Crown?


BALTIMORE — Minutes before the Preakness, it was an ominous scene at Pimlico Race Course. Thunder and lightning. Wind and rain. A record crowd scrambling for cover. A drenched racetrack.

Nothing — absolutely nothing — was going to stop American Pharoah, especially the competition.

2 thoughts on “American Pharoah one win from Triple Crown after Preakness win

  1. Something I posted on another blog:

    Re: American Pharoah

    American Pharoah has once again been thrust into the headlines. Perhaps it deserves another look:

    Recognizing something as sign is just the first step. Failing to interpret it, is like NOT opening a letter. Most people don’t even acknowledge the sign, they are oblivious to or not interested in the ” You have mail ” message. While interpreting a sign can be difficult, it is incumbent upon us to least try:

    Most readers are probably aware of various websites which claim Obama is an incarnation or clone of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. If not, it’s easy to find with a simple search.

    American Pharoah is a rather dichotomous sounding name, but perhaps is fitting for a thoroughbred, whose ancestry is mixed, as in the words of Wikipedia:
    ” The Thoroughbred as it is known today was developed in 17th- and 18th-century England, when native mareswere crossbred with imported Oriental stallions of Arabian, Barb, and Turkoman breeding.”.
    We see a similar dichotomy in the name and ancestry of Barry Hussein Obama.

    There’s another fluke in the name of this race horse. The horse’s name is a misspelling of “Pharaoh”: Instead of Pharaoh, it is spelled Pharoah (with the o before the a), which, if you pronounce it as actually spelled, sounds like Par-O-Ah. This sounds a lot like the Hebrew פרוע , which can mean:” wild, unruly , paid back”.

    If Obama is being likened to Pharaoh, then in some sense, America is being likened to Egypt. The first thing that comes to mind is enslavement. But it’s hard to claim, certainly in the plain physical sense, that America has enslaved us, quite the opposite. If we find ourselves enslaved to its prosperity and way of life, we can’t say we were whipped into it. Though in recent years, America’s enticements have greatly diminished, which is perhaps Heaven’s way of easing escape from our self-inflicted shackles.

    However, another attribute of Egypt, was Pharaoh’s impeding the Israelites from returning to their homeland. He was not prepared to release us, until all his first born lay dead. All the American presidents have had a problem with Israel returning to its full inheritance, but none more than Obama. In that sense, he is the “New King” an American Pharoah beyond just in genealogy. It’s hard to say what his first-born might be, other than perhaps, his egomania.

    Perhaps this repetition of American Pharoah in the headlines, is like the repetition of Pharaoh’s dream. It insists on being noticed and interpreted, and its message is urgent. Perhaps this comparison of America to Egypt is signaling that there will be another exodus and it’s coming faster than we might expect. Those who choose to leave, may do so with great wealth; but those who are unwilling to unshackle themselves from the fleshpots of America, will simply disappear into oblivion, as those who vanished in the cloud of darkness. If Pharaoh sends his troops in pursuit of us, he and his firstborn will be ParOah – paid back.

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