USA…. United Sodom and Amora and Destruction of Tel Aviv

flag burning


I don’t even know where to start…. there has been so much happening over the past few months, but the other bloggers did such a good job covering the news, I didn’t see much point in writing… From my perspective, the best geula blog on the web isĀ… if you don’t read it daily, you should.

The first link is in Hebrew, about a boy who had a dream about Tel Aviv getting nuked….

The second thing is what really blows my mind.

If you haven’t followed it, UnPlanned Parenthood has recently gotten busted for traffic in fetal body parts – they encourage women to murder their unborn children for a profit. This is Sodom v Amora at its best…. click at your own riskĀ

But what is really amazing is that the whole country is up in arms about a Minnesota Dentist who killed a Lion in Africa… while I do not agree with hunting other than for food, the whole country wants to murder this dentist…. while the murder of millions unborn children and the trafficking in their body parts is Kosher….. We have reached the “End of the End”…. better pack your bags.

As Tomerdevorah points out on her latest post, there are 3 laws holding the gentile nations…