American Pharoah one win from Triple Crown after Preakness win

Okay… I don’t believe in coincidence, but I don’t know what the message is here…


American PHaroah?

Triple Crown?


BALTIMORE — Minutes before the Preakness, it was an ominous scene at Pimlico Race Course. Thunder and lightning. Wind and rain. A record crowd scrambling for cover. A drenched racetrack.

Nothing — absolutely nothing — was going to stop American Pharoah, especially the competition.

Asteroid May 14, 2015 – Too close for comfort?

Asteroid a MILE wide to hurtle past Earth in 48 HOURS – as experts warn of MASS EXTINCTION

The gigantic missile thought to measure almost a mile across will brush closer than previous monsters which have sparked a global panic.

Worried astronomers warned 1999 FN53, which is an eighth of the size of Mount Everest, will skim the Earth in TWO DAYS.

A collision would be nothing short of catastrophic triggering mass destruction, earthquakes and global extinction.

The monster is more than TEN TIMES bigger than other meteorites currently visible on NASA’s Near Earth Object radar.

It is also double the size of the gargantuan 2014-YB35 which had astronomers around the world watching the skies in March.

Experts warn a collision would trigger an explosion similar to millions of megatons of TNT and would be capable of killing 1.5 billion people.

It would be far more destructive than the 1908 Tunguska Event which saw a 50-metre lump of extraterrestrial rock crash into Siberia.

It flattened around 80 million trees and sent a shock wave across Russia measuring five on the Richter scale.

The event is held by scientists as a benchmark for the catastrophic consequence of an asteroid impact with earth.

The gigantic lump of rock is travelling faster than 30,000 mph and will brush terrifyingly close to Earth on Thursday.

Asteroid hit earthALAMY

1.5 billion people would be killed if the asteroid hit

Bill Napier, professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire, said an impact would leave unimaginable destruction.

He said: “People are concerned about an impact from a very large asteroid, and the impact of something of this scale would be nothing short of global.

“It is certainly one of the biggest on the radar, and much bigger than the Tunguska asteroid which was one of the most significant in history.

“This is in a completely different ball park, we are talking about millions of megatons of energy, vastly more than was released in Hiroshima.

“It would undoubtedly lead to the deaths of around 1.5 billion people, we are looking at a mass extinction of humanity.

“To understand the impact of something on this scale, you would have to look to the science fiction writers, it is incomprehensible.”

The asteroid is currently hurtling around the Earth fifty times faster than a jumbo jet and double the speed of a space rocket.

Though several million miles away astronomers fear a slight deviation from its orbit will put it on a headlong collision course with the planet.

Professor Napier said: “It is a bit like shooting through a key hole.

“All being well this one is far enough away not to do us any harm, but people are concerned because you just don’t know.”

If it were to strike the sea it would send a plume of halogen gasses into the stratosphere  destroying the ozone layer, he said.

He added: “This would allow unrestricted sunlight hit the Earth, the sky would heat up becoming strong enough to burn vegetation.

“It would also put a lot of water into the stratosphere with these effects ultimately leading to a mass extinction.”….. from website – I did not post the link due to immodest pictures.

Rumor or Reality?

I heard from a friend of mine whose children attend a Viznitz Cheder in Yerushalayim that  Rav Wosner Z”L came to a relative in a dream and said that Moshiach would come Motzei Shavuos.

Has anyone else heard this story? I cannot verify its veracity….

American Pharoah wins 141st Kentucky Derby….


Not sure what to make of this one….. just grabbed my attention… Kentucky and 141st… any thoughts? There is no such thing as coincidence… Just have not figured out the message yet… but the name of the horse and the title are certainly eye catching.. I subtracted 2015 – 141 and came up to 1874… and the one interesting event was that in 1874, the not so pious IX declared that 1875 would be a Jubilee year… not that anyone should hold by that…

Perhaps we will be blessed and the Creator of the Universe will declare 5776 a Jubilee Year following the Shemittah Year with the one and only arrival of the one true Redeemer as predicted by the true book of the Creator, the Tanach…..  Don’t be surprised if the Redeemer wears a black coat, long beard, and fur hat….. there are going to be a lot of surprised folks to see that he doesn’t have long flowing blond hair and an Aryan complexion…

One last thought… in the secular calendar, 1776 is the year of the American Revolution.. Perhaps 5776 will be the year of the Torah Revolution, with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkenu.